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Welcome to Small Small World

New line: Our latest products. Spring line: Spring-Summer items of all years.
Accessories  E.g. hangers and doll stands. Fall line: Fall-Winter items of all years.
    Discount Sale: Items currently available at a discount prices.


    Welcome to Small Small World!  We specialize in doll clothing for 15" and 18" dolls, especially for 18" American Girls, 15" Bitty Babies, and 15" Bitty Twins.  Our clothing also fits the plush animals in sizes of 13" to 16".

    The characteristics of our doll clothing are high fashion, good quality & low price.  Our clothing designs follow the trends of the fashion industry and bring your dolls to life!

    * We are a wholesaler and only deal with retail stores.  No consumers please.

We accept "VISA", "MASTER"  &  "DISCOVER " CARDS.

We encourage you to use this simple & easy method for your purchase.

When we receive your order, we'll call you or you can call us #201-816-9098 for following information:

* What type of credit card

* Credit card #

* Credit card expiration date

* Credit card billing address